Book lovers of the World unite.

Welcome to the first post of this blog about Books, Writers, Book Sellers, Book Shops, Book Towns and all “bookish” related subjects.

I have been a book lover since I was in primary school…..many, many years ago. Don’t laugh, but it was Enid Blyton and her books about the Secret Seven and the Famous Five who ignited the first spark in my burning desire to read books.

Fifty years later…goodness, has it been that long… desire to read books and to find out about the people who write them and the process involved, from getting those first ideas onto paper to the final, physical book of bound pages being placed into my hands – is stronger than ever.

Subsequent posts will cover just about everything “book-ish”. I’ll be letting you know about books I have read….recommending those I think are worthy of reading and warning of the ones most likely to bore the living daylights out of you. Of course it depends on what you like to read and if my tastes and your’s are similar or not. I’ll do my best not to be too biased in my judgement. There will be articles about book shops and book towns, booksellers and the writers themselves. I am hoping to include interviews with the movers and shakers involved in the wonderful world of books. I’ll be suggesting book reading lists, looking into book clubs, writers groups, reporting on book awards, talking about book collecting, collections and collectors…..basically anything to do with writing and books.

Two things that I won’t be promoting here are on-line booksellers such as Amazon, and E-books/Kindle and the like. I am a staunch supporter of real, physical books….and real bricks and mortar book shops staffed by real people who are knowledgeable about the books they are selling you. With the advent of internet shopping, the bricks and mortar establishments need all the support, both by footfall and financially, that we the book reading and more importantly book purchasing public can give them.

There are some absolutely wonderful book shops around, run by some very interesting individuals, as you will see in future posts.

For now I’d like to bid you welcome to “A Literary Bent” and hope that I can both inform and entertain you.


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