On reading – fast or slow

Just a quick post to ask about your reading habits. Are you a fast reader who rushes through your reading list, getting through books – cover to cover – at speed, or are you at the other end of the reading spectrum….do you take your time, savouring each page, dissecting each line and meandering along in no hurry at all? The reason I ask is that I read a post by one of the bloggers I follow, about how they had already hit their reading target this year of 100 books. 100 books in the space of only 8 months is phenomenal! That’s almost 3 books a week (2.8 to be more accurate). I struggle to find the time to get through 1 a week usually….unless it’s a real unputdownable page turner.

Taking everything into consideration I estimate I’d read about 30 to 40 books in a year…in a good reading year possibly 50 (I’m not counting the ones that I start but don’t finish). Some books, those unputdownable ones, I can fly through over a couple of evenings – Zeitoun by Dave Eggers was one such book. But mostly I am struggling to get through a book in a week or more. Some books – if I find a really wonderful one – I’ll restrict my reading to only one chapter per day as I don’t want it to end.

Obviously fast readers can read far more books than slow readers…and there are millions of books out there waiting to be read. Do slower readers squeeze more out of a book than fast readers? Do fast readers skip through the books and not absorb the finer details, or are fast readers just better readers, quicker at absorbing the books than slow readers?

So what are your reading habits? Do you have several books on the go at once, or prefer to take them one at a time? Are you a tortoise, or a hare? And what are the benefits of being either a fast, or a slow reader? I’d love to know your opinions in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “On reading – fast or slow

  1. I’m terrible for starting books and then getting inspired to read a completely different one. Quite often I will have several on the go at once. I’m bad at finishing them all though I will admit. Quite a poor show considering I write. I’m most likely to read when I am on holiday though, and usually if I go away for a week somewhere relaxing, I’ll go through about a book a day.

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