What if…?

Stephen King was once asked how he came up with this many storylines. His reply was that he just thinks “What if” this or that happened, and goes from there. This post, right here, is my what if moment, not totally a flight of fancy but more of a what if this is why things are currently happening around the world. It’s just an opinion piece about the possibilities that happen with WHAT IF situations, it’s certainly not meant to be taken as gospel, but simply to ask you to consider the events happening and have an open mind.

Our governments do lie to us from time to time “for our own good” – “to prevent wide spread panic” or “for national security”. This has happened over and over particularly during times of war, or as excuses to join in, or even to start a war. If anyone wants examples of what I mean message me or comment below. But this is not about western nations ignoring the plight of the Jews in world war 2, or the real reason why the Vietnam war started, it’s about our current situation. It’s about covid-19, lockdowns and of course the vaccine. Of course it’s not only about lying to us, it’s also about using the internet and social media to push propaganda onto the masses and to subdue any alternative information by blanking it out or calling it “false news” or “conspiracy theory”.

First though I want to mention climate change. Back in the 1970’s, Wallace Smith Broecker, the longtime Columbia University professor and researcher first coined the term “Global Warming” and warned that the danger of man made build up of carbon dioxide would lead to catastrophic heating of the atmosphere. That was 50 years ago…Since that day, this or that scientist has been the harbinger of doom telling us that we have only 10 years to stop adding to the buildup of what are now called Greenhouse Gases to prevent what is now termed Climate Change. It seems that it’s now not just about warming but about a magnification of weather phenomena – bigger and more damaging storms, wild fires, melting ice caps and rising sea levels along with the “devastation of habitat for endangered species”, the potential loss of what is currently productive farmland but will soon be desert…it goes on. There are of course climate change sceptics as there are sceptics about many other things. With every 10 years that pass we are reminded again by another scientist who has taken up the baton that….surprise surprise we have only 10 more years to prevent devastation. And here lies the problem.

Governments, particularly in the wealthier western nations are only voted into office for 3 or 4 years depending on which country you look at. So when the scientists tell government that they only have 10 years to prevent something they either look at it and say “in 10 years it will be another political party ruling so they can deal with it, we have things like jobs, hospitals, schools and social welfare projects to deal with” OR they say “if we’re still in power then we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it”, OR they just admit it’s too difficult to sort out. This is where the first of my “what if’s” come into being. Again this is just speculation and more than a little fantasy on my part….or is it?

What if the Billionaires, the Tech Giants, and other big business gurus along with a number of really pissed of scientists who are sick of the governments of the world not listening to them about climate change, have decided to take matters into their own hands. The biggest problem being that an ever growing global population puts more and more demands on an infrastructure that is growing ever more fragile because no one is doing anything about the effects of climate change. WHAT IF the members of the World Economic Forum….the Davos Club….have decided it’s time for The Great Reset? Quote….“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world” – Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum. (link to WEF site…The Great Reset | World Economic Forum (weforum.org)..) What if that Great Reset needs to firstly reduce the global population by a massive amount so that they, and enough minions to provide them with a comfortable and even luxurious lifestyle, are left alive and whereby they can still have all their toys and not give anything up because the world population will be so miniscule, their excessive lifestyle can go on without adversely affecting the climate. What do they do to attain this massive population drop over a short time? Maybe over just one generation? But the first step is to find out how compliant we are as humans. How willingly will we give up our current freedoms and lifestyle in order to be “safe”? As Mr Schwab states the pandemic gives them an opportunity to enact this Great Reset. A convenient coincidence or a global conspiracy?

Grrr Graphics - Official Ben Garrison Cartoons

WHAT IF we have a global pandemic? Not a life threatening one that will kill too many people, after all we don’t want to go down in history as murderers, unless there is no other option. We want to be remembered as the saviors of mankind not the destroyers. BUT, as in war there will, and must, be collateral damage. Some have to be sacrificed to save the rest of us. What if this pandemic is just deadly enough to take out the old and the sick? Hey they’re going to die anyway so we may as well give their deaths a purpose. And as a bonus, look at the ultimate savings on pensions and aged health care. So we “accidentally” release a virus and blame China for it. We pay the news media to hype the hell out of it to increase the fear factor and make the healthy, who lets face it are never in much danger of getting anything more than a nasty cold from it, so worried about the virus that they will be willing to be injected with “an experimental vaccine” released under emergency regulations, so it doesn’t have to go through stringent long term testing, in order to both be saved and to be safe . What they won’t suspect through is that the new and experimental RNA vaccine contains something that can be “switched on and off” – supposedly to mimic the coronavirus spike protein to tell the immune system to attack the real virus if it is contracted – but it actually acts as a sterilizing agent to prevent this generation from producing the next generation and so lessens the global demand on resources.

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Sounds far fetched doesn’t it? Even the spoiled, selfish bastard Billionaires wouldn’t stoop to something that low would they? It’s not like Bill Gates is Doctor Evil from the Austin Power’s movies. Like I said earlier this is not based on fact…it’s just a chance to look at the WHAT IF’s, like Stephen King does. And anyway, I hear you say, “If we only have 10 years to completely prevent climate change, simply sterilizing the current generation of potential child bearers won’t drop the population quickly enough to lessen the rise in greenhouse gases”. And you’d be right…..so let me give you a second WHAT IF.

WHAT IF…..the vaccine they inject into the bulk of the worlds population works in two steps. The first injection puts into the body something that can, as suggested before, turn on and off certain functions. But instead of switching off our ability to procreate and making us sterile, it has the ability to perhaps stop the heart, or switch off all functions of the brain? I know many of you are now thinking that they have already done this and it’s the reason why Joe Biden and the Democrats are now in the driving seat in the USA….only the brainless would put grandpa Joe in the drivers seat when he has no idea who he is never mind where he’s meant to be going. AND for all you Democrats that was meant as a joke. No I’m not picking on the left, no I’m not being AGE-ist….it’s just a joke…remember when we used to have jokes? Before the PC brigade made laughing an offence.

Getting back to my WHAT IF theory….the first injection puts the ability to switch off the lifeforce into the body. It will require a further injection to switch it on. Of course this can’t be allowed to happen too soon or people will demand that the injections stop, before sufficient victims are “vaccinated”, until a full inquiry can be made. So, we’ll get round it by saying that, just like the flu vaccine, one for covid will have to be made annually. That way, once we are sure that sufficient people are carrying the “kill switch” genome we can administer a “booster” to kick start the process. Naturally death will not be instantaneous. We will learn from the first round of vaccinations how long is needed to vaccinate almost 8 billion people and adjust the kill gene to kick in just after the second lot of doses have been completed. Hey presto, the elite and their servants become the new and sustainable world population of 500 million.

Now the sceptics among you are saying “what if too many people refuse to have the vaccine and therefore foil the dastardly plot?” Good question I’m glad I….I mean you….asked.

If that situation occurs the elites switch to plan B. A different vaccine for themselves and the other chosen few which protects them against the release of the next virus pandemic….Super-Covid-22. This one is far more potent than the first weaker covid-19 which was only meant to take out the old and the infirm. This one has over a 90% kill rate to more than compensate for any who resisted being vaccinated earlier. And I haven’t even mentioned Zombies but I sense a lot of you are laughing at me for being a conspiracy theorist with my wild accusations. Nor have I mentioned the Bill Gates funded Harvard University study to spray chemicals into the sky to create and thicken the clouds to block out the sun in a bid to help to cool the earth….and risk causing another ice age, but hey we have to try something….right? Sound crazy? Look it up – it’s real. Harvard Scientists Begin Experiment To Block Out The Sun (forbes.com)

Remember though these are not accusations I’m simply playing Stephen King and asking WHAT IF?

BUT here is a real life WHAT IF situation. Let’s say that the climate scientists have got it right this time and we do really and truly only have 10 years in which to stop our destructive ways and save human life – and many other species lives – on earth. WHAT IF the only way to preserve human life is to rapidly drop the population down to 500 million just like on the Georgia Guide Stones……a similar thing was suggested by the President’s Council on Sustainable Development, an expert panel that advised US President Bill Clinton between 1993 and 1999. IF it was a case of sacrifice the many to save the few and to ensure the survival of the species…..would THEY do it?

Who would have thought, just over a year ago when we lived “normal” lives that a couple of months later most of the worlds population would be locked down in their own homes by democratically elected governments to “save us” from a deadly pandemic that 99.4% of us are going to survive anyway……and that we’d be compliant and happy about it?

See the source image
This cartoon is a little dated….but you get the idea.

So again, as a parting shot, I ask….WHAT IF?

2 thoughts on “What if…?

  1. Great post! It seems like so many bloggers are shying away from this topic except for a few who seem to be buying the propaganda. Your “what if” sounds strangely plausible.

    “Who would have thought, just over a year ago when we lived “normal” lives that a couple of months later most of the worlds population would be locked down in their own homes by democratically elected governments to “save us” from a deadly pandemic that 99.4% of us are going to survive anyway……and that we’d be compliant and happy about it?”

    That’s definitely boiling it down to what it is. I’m so tired of hearing about CASES. We have 1400 deaths in a province of 5 million people and have been locked down since I can’t remember when. And we aren’t protecting those who are high at risk. I live with two of them and one needs nurses every morning and night. While they said they wouldn’t move care workers around because that was spreading the disease, my people are getting different nurses all the time. It’s the appearance of doing something about COVID without really doing much.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Much appreciated.
      Yes, I believe that there is more to this than the official narrative allows. A lot of the rules and restrictions contradict one another. The illusion that it’s all to protect the most vulnerable does not stack up…as per your own experience.
      Thanks again

      Liked by 1 person

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