Hi there. Please feel free to contact me. That’s me on the right in the photo above – with my good friend Chilean born-Czech writer Jorge Zúñiga Pavlov on the left. Always happy to hear from…..well anyone actually. It’s a solitary life writing blogs. But I enjoy what I’m doing.

My other interests are books (lots of them, on all subjects – fiction and non-fiction), music (particularly of the 70’s and 80’s – yep I am a dinosaur), photography (I’ve been taking photos since I was a kid) see my web pages here…it’s still a work in progress…

and travel (I love to travel…to see new places, meet new people….hopefully make some new friends….and to visit old friends). Link to my blog about our travels around Europe in 2016 is here

I am also a believer in self sufficiency/self reliance….localization over globalization….and I’m a bit of a Prepper too (but not the extreme Doomsday type). To be prepared for adversity takes the sting out of it. I’d rather have the skills, stores and equipment and not need it….than need it and not have it.

Constructive criticism is always welcome.